Where the Money goes

The funds are managed by local groups in Nicaragua, responding to needs for shelter and food, for medical attention and education.

We provide funds to help with staff (these include a nurse, educators, a nightwatch person), materials (eg basic first aid kits, bed linen, toys and books,) and day to day costs (food, personal hygiene items, hospital/surgery travel costs). All staff are recruited by the groups locally, and all materials are sourced locally wherever possible.

Organisations supported since 2008

  • Los Quinchos, San Marcos (providing homes to streetkids)
  • El Barrilete, León, (an afterschool centre with some residential children)
  • MamaLicha Clinic, Estelí, (midwife, direct care and training)
  • Estelí Muralistas, (promoting healthcare and social awareness through murals)
  • Gustavo Herdocia, León, for Nicaplast, (reconstructive surgery in León and remote areas)

Organisations supported since 2014

  • AspanicaSole, (supporting families of children with cancer)
  • Cecamo, (supporting women who suffer domestic violence)
  • Escuela de Comedia y Mimo, (afterschool centre feeding 60+ children)

Our aim currently is to maintain this level of support and make it more secure on a year to year basis rather than to expand support to further groups.