What We Do

The Mayagna Children’s Fund has been established to provide funds to support children and
adults in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in Central America after Haiti, according to
World Bank statistics. Poverty, although declining steadily in recent years, remains high. More
than 80% of Nicaragua’s poor live in the rural areas; many in remote communities where the
access to basic services is still a daily challenge. The Mayagna Children’s Fund operates in
this context. Although its financial resources are small, the charity aims to precisely fund
initiatives that have been shown to be locally beneficial. Given that Nicaragua is so relatively
poor, small amounts of money can go a long way.

For instance, the fund helps the Los Quinchos organisation, by providing funds for a nurse and basic medicines (the fund has paid for each centre to have a botiquin, a first aid box) and for the employment of teachers for the children. Los Quinchos also benefits from a small maintenance grant towards day to dayexpenses for food and general care. Elsewhere it provides funds for the support of the Mama Licha clinic in the north of Nicaragua, which gives basic health care and advice to pregnant
women approaching childbirth.

Other organisations supported include: Nicaplast for reconstructive surgery in remote areas; El Barrilete in Leon, which provides pre- and after-school, an orphanage and food; Aspanicasole, which provides financial support for families needing to transport children to the cancer hospital in Managua; Cecamo supporting the rights of abused women; and the Muralista group creating educational murals in Esteli.

Organisations and individuals chosen for funding are selected on the basis of personal knowledge of the country, acquired on regular visits over the years. In this the Trustees are greatly helped by a small
group of Nicaraguan citizens keen to see aid being appropriately offered to organisations
helping disadvantaged adults and children.