Mama Licha Clinic

Health care in Nicaragua is a lot better than one might imagine. But women’s health tends to lag behind. It’s in this context that Mama Licha, whose real name is Alicia Huete, has worked as a nurse and midwife in Esteli, in the northern highlands of Nicaragua, for more than 30 years. Like Kate and Maggie, Mama Licha also travelled to the the rainforest community in Musawas where she trained a team of women to be midwives for expectant mothers in the absence of formal medical care.14mamalicha

Understanding the critical need for improving access to reproductive health services in Nicaragua, Mama teamed up with Juntos Adelante to build a free-standing clinic for women’s health and natural childbirth. After much work and incredible support from friends, family, and partner organizations, the team raised sufficient funds to build the clinic and equip it with donations of necessary supplies and medications. The clinic’s mission is to realize Mama’s lifetime work by providing compassionate care and dignity in their health care choices.

Along with other charities, the Mayagna Children’s Fund has supported the Mama Licha clinic for many years.