How we fund it

Welcome to the Mayagna Children’s Fund raising pages. Here are explanations of how we fund the work in Nicaragua and how we spend the money. Our activities, which are explained on separate pages, include coffee mornings, music performances, “Rice and Beans” events and anything else we can think of to engage with donors. We are also able to help you make Gift Aid donations, which enable us to recover the tax you would pay on the money you donate. And of course, we also welcome donations of any kind, including one off  and regular donations.
If you’d like to support us, you can join our mailing list by clicking HERE.
We’re always interested in new ideas for fund raising, so if you have an event or activity in mind you can contact us by clicking HERE. We’d be happy to discuss any ideas for funding raising, so get in contact.
And you can donate directly too, by clicking on the photo and breathe more air into the fund.