Funding Basics

The Mayagna Children’s Fund has its roots in local activism. Created by a few concerned individuals and now run by a small group of Trustees, the intention has always been to keep the charity small enough to manage on a  personal basis. Some of the Trustees visit Nicaragua every two years to maintain close links with the people and organisations which they support. For a whole month they travel from one centre to another, discussing what is needed next and how much is immediately required. This means that the Trustees can see at first hand how the money is being spent and find out what the future needs are.

This in turn means that those who donate can be sure that the money they give goes directly to the causes the Fund supports. There are no middle men or women and no major expenses are taken by the Trustees – they pay their own fares to Nicaragua and when there pay for their own accommodation and travel.

If you donate to the Mayagna Children’s Fund you can be certain that all your money goes directly to those the Fund supports in Nicaragua.