The Mayagna Children’s Fund is a registered charity in the UK. By clicking the DONATE button on this page you will be taken to our secure donation site operated by Charity Checkout.Donations are held by Charity Checkout, which also collects Gift Aid if the donation is eligible. Donations are then passed to the bank holding the Mayagna Children’s Fund account.



If you are a UK tax payer all donations are eligible for Gift Aid. It is may be possible to reclaim the tax if you are a tax payer in another European Union country. In this case, contact the fund.

All donations will be acknowledged and will be used for the grants we make in Nicaragua.

If you make a donation to the Fund, certain information about you may be collected. The information collected may include first name, last name, address, email address, phone number and card payment details. If you are eligible for UK Gift Aid, you may also provide your UK domicile address. If you make a donation by credit card using this donation page, this information will be held on the servers of our donation aggregator, CharityCheckout), which claims gift aid on our behalf. To see the Charity Checkout privacy policy, visit CharityCheckout Privacy Policy . The information is also held by the Mayagna Children’s Fund.

The Mayagna Children’s Fund maintains this list of people who have donated before so that we can contact them to ask them to do so again. The Mayagna Children’s Fund will not share your data or sell it to any third party. We also maintain a list of those who have explicitly told us that they don’t want to contact us again.