Uncertainty in Nicaragua

The unrest in Nicaragua continues. There have been more deaths on the streets. The President blames the mounting body count vaguely on “delinquents” and “criminal groups”. However, those who do not support the government blame the police and irregular militias for the deaths. A recent article in The Guardian reports that in one of the cradles of the revolution that brought President Ortaga to power there is now a call for him to relinquish the presidency. This represents a significant turn round in the fortunes of the government. However, the repression seems to be continuing, in spite of the mediation offered by the Catholic Church.

The projects supported by the Fund have not reported any problems so far, but the unrest in Nicaragua will inevitably lead to fear amongst donors that the situation will spiral out of control, with very adverse effects on the women and children we support. We’ll provide updates on the situation as it unfolds.

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