Is change coming for Nicaragua

For almost a month, political unrest has been the norm in Nicaragua. After years of the Ortega government, people are coming out onto the streets to protest against poverty, lack of economic progress and corruption. The trigger was an increase in the tax on pensions, linked to a reduction in their value. Although this was the original cause, people are now expressing anger at the direction of the Nicaraguan government as a whole.
What will happen is anyone’s guess. President Ortega has back tracked on the pension tax, but is showing himself unwilling to engage in meaningful dialogue about the future. Increasingly people are calling for him to go. This is a huge change from his once high status as the leader of the revolution against the old Somoza regime. Indeed, such is the turnaround that some people are comparing today’s Ortega with yesterday’s Somoza.
The Mayagna Fund will continue to help the projects it has adopted as much as it can but in times of political instability, this may become difficult. We hope not.

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