Tea and Buns for a Cook at Barrilete

A fund raising event for a cook at El Barrilete was a great success. It was a lovely sunny day in France and guests brought amazing cakes and gave lots of money, with more pledged. By the time the it all comes in there is enough to pay the cook three months wages, which is just brilliant! On the days there was still no photo of the cook! But just after the last of the guests had left, the photos arrived by email!


And there was a message from Maria who runs El Barrilete.

Saludes  desde  Nicaragua  – Leon  a  todos  los  que  estan  participando  en  esta  fiesta  para  colaborar  con  los  niños  de  Barrilete,  muchas  gracias,  hasta  luego,   atte ,  Maria  del  Barrilete

“Greetings from Leon in Nicaragua to everyone who is participating in this ‘fiesta’ helping the Barrilete children, many thanks…..”

In another part of her mail Maria also says she is sure it is doing the children good.The Mayagna Children’s fund is very pleased to be able to help. Our donors have made an investment in one person’s employment as well as a tremendous investment in the children at El Barrilete.

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