Muralistas and circus folk

We met up with Julio Moreno again yesterday, he is the leader of the collective de muralistas in Esteli. Several of his young colleagues were exhibiting work in the parque central, and it was especially exciting to see a large group of young children painting in the square, Julio is in charge of weekend courses for them. We were able to give him some money last year to buy materials for this, the results are very encouraging.

back in Leon now! we have been back to el barrilete where the group from Performers without Borders were giving their first show, they’ll then go on to teach the children circus skills. This is the third time they’ve been here, Maggie’s son Rob brought the first group three years ago. The kids really enjoyed the show, lots of miming and juggling. They got going with the diabolos , hula hoops and juggling clubs straight away.

Maria had a proposition for us, a evangelical group is making a new kitchen for the centre, previously cooking was done on open fires. Burns are a real danger here. However they have to employ an adult, qualified, police checked cook and they don’t have the money. So we are going to pay the wages for the first year, can’t promise more, it will be a new focus for our fund raising. Onwards and upwards!! Arriba, Arriba!,,,,

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