Los Quinchos again

Yesterday we set off early for los Quinchos, expecting to stay the night and come back today. In the event we managed to make our visit into a round trip, mostly because many of the people we had hoped to see weren’t there, but we did have a lovely time seeing the girls and boys, taken round by Alberto- an ex quincho- now a major helper at the boys farm. It was great to see faces we know from previous visits, all were smiley and happy, the girls did wonderful presentations about their lives at Los Quinchos and what they were hoping to achieve as they finished school. The boys were just about to start their lunch when we got to the farm, rice with chicken and boiled plantain.
After last year’s big fiesta the visit seemed a bit subdued. But Carlos, one of the Los quinchos mainstays died very suddenly just before Christmas, Zelinda is still on her way back from Europe, and Lourdes is ill with the latest mosquito borne virus. But everyone was just pottering away, going about daily things in a very routine sort of way. Which was nice to see in itself, routine was not the usual for these children before they came to Los Quinchos, and it was nice to see them quietly settled with smiles on their faces.

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