Gustavo again

This morning we met up with Gustavo herdocia again, he is the surgeon who changes lives of children here by operating on their cleft palates and hare lips, by caring for their burns, by helping to cure other deformities which would make their lives so much more difficult. We also met those children and their mothers and saw the results of Gustavo and his team’s work, it is life-transforming.
We also had the opportunity to revisit the municipal hospital in Leon and were especially touched to see the babies’ special care unit. This is equipped with the most up to date facilities, in contrast with the other wards we visited. What is evident is care and respect for the patients. Child patients have to be accompanied by family members and the money we are able to give here helps the families to travel to Leon and to stay with their children, their treatment is free. Many families have to travel a long way, often by bus. It was through meeting elisabeta, a little girl from the Río San Juan area, that we began to raise money, as rigo and his friend Melanie McGrath had done to help children from musawas in the north of the country to come to Leon for reconstructive surgery. It’s 10 years since we came to nicaragua for the first time, many things have changed but there is still a need for support.

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